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Lesson 25 - Shapes - English Conversation Practice (27 Lesson)

Learn English Conversation Practice (27 Lesson) ❖ Lesson 25: Shapes


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Dialogue (1)

Hi! Theresa!

Hi. What’s up?

Well, we just got new dining room furniture.

Really? What kind did you get?

It’s kind of hard to describe.

Is it made of wood?

Yes ... the table is sort of oval ... but it’s got three corners.

You mean it’s a triangle?

Not really ... i mean, the corners are more like curves...

So it’s kind of kidney-shaped?

I guess you could say that.

How interesting! What about the chairs?

Well, the backs are kind of square, and the seats are sort of round ... but not really.

I guess I’ll just have to see it for myself.

Dialogue (2)

Hey! Look at all these Christmas presents! The boxes are all different shapes and sizes.

Yes, I made them myself. The bell-shaped one is for my Mom …

Hmm … let me guess … it’s a hat?

That’s right! And the one in the triangular box is for my sister, Yoshiko …

What could that be? Hey, I know – a metronome!

Uh-oh … I hope Yoshiko doesn’t guess. Well, I bet you can’t guess what’s in the star-shaped box. It’s for my Dad.

That’s easy – a tie.

Right again.

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